Beautiful Ozark Mtn Hiking

FONT SIZE decrease font size increase font size PRINT E-MAIL Hiking Activities Friday, 10 February 2012 22:25 Sentinel Waterfall above Byrd's Adventure Center Sentinel Waterfall above Byrd's Adventure CenterBrian Emfinger Camping, marked trails, and hiker shuttles are available at Byrd's. Plan a multi-day backpacking adventure or a short, relaxing excursion. Our certified instructors offer classes on "leave-no-trace" backpacking to ensure nature is left exactly the way you found it. Rated one of the most scenic hiking trails in the United States, the Ozark Highlands Trail offers more than 165 rugged miles of beautiful vistas, waterfalls, wildflowers, historic sites, and refreshing streams. Try to plan your trip for spring, fall or winter, as summer is quite hot. Photos by Brian Emfinger The Ozark Highlands Trail is a premier long-distance hiking trail crossing more than 165 miles of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. The trail runs from Lake Fort Smith State Park to the Buffalo National River. Most of the trail is on National Forest land but some portions cross private property. Please respect landowners by not trespassing. Saddle or pack animals are not allowed on any part of the OHT. The trail is indicated with a 2x6" white blaze and marked every mile by a flexible brown mileage post (the sequence increases eastward). Two blazes, one on top of the other, indicate a prompt change in direction. Major side trails are marked with a blue blaze. Arkansas hiking overlook above Byrd's Adventure Center Autumn colors overlooking Byrd's campground. Photo by Brian Emfinger.