Mulberry River

The Wild and Scenic Mulberry River

As one of the premiere whitewater destinations in Arkansas, the Mulberry River begins in the upper Ozarks near the mountain community of Fallsville. It descends through 60 miles of forested hills and rock outcrops on its way to the Arkansas River. House-sized boulders and untamed scenery make the river popular with avid whitewater boaters. Byrd’s Adventure Center provides access to the Mulberry River’s best sections for whitewater canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

With a quality of water ranging from blue-green to emerald, the Mulberry is a beautiful river. It is common to see wildlife while paddling among the unspoiled bluffs and meadows of the Ozarks. There are famous rapids along the way, found at every twist and constriction where the water pours over sandstone rocks. Due to the valley’s pristine nature, the Mulberry River is federally protected and is included in the U.S. National Wild and Scenic River System.

Well known for its whitewater, the Mulberry River is one of the most challenging commercially-outfitted rivers in Arkansas. People come from all over to ride the waves and tackle the rapids, often heading home with souvenirs stating, “I survived the Mighty Mulberry!” You can visit our on-site store to arrange a river trip, pick up supplies, or find the perfect memento.

While the Mulberry’s daredevil reputation is deserved at high water, at normal flows it offers excellent paddling for beginners and families. The pool-and-drop nature of the river provides learning opportunities for advancing paddlers, with a recovery area at the bottom of every exciting rapid. Classes and clinics are held throughout the year on the Mulberry (see our calendar of events).


Mulberry River in Arkansas
Mulberry river

The Mulberry River is not just mighty among canoeists, kayakers, and rafters. Byrd’s Adventure Center offers 800 acres of Mulberry River frontage and is home to a wide range of outdoor activities. Mountain bikers and off-road enthusiasts love exploring the historic roads and home sites built by 1800s pioneers. Backcountry pilots enjoy landing beside the Mulberry River at Byrd’s Adventure Center to go fishing or eat at our Riverfront Restaurant. Rock climbers visit nearby climbing and bouldering areas including Herrod’s Creek and the DeSoto Boulders. And backpackers have long enjoyed the 165-mile Ozark Highland’s Trail, which passes just 1/4 of a mile from Byrd’s Adventure Center.

We’re open year-round and would love to serve you. Whether you enjoy whitewater paddling, backcountry aviation, hiking, fishing, camping, or trail riding, Byrd’s Adventure Center in Arkansas wants to be your home for adventure on the wild and scenic Mulberry River.

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